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▪ Genes   Metabolism - Cellular metabolism - Amino acids - Fatty acids   - Sugars - Metabolic type 
   Viruses, bacteria and fungi  ▪ Bioelectricity


 ▪ Proteins Daily requirement -
Essential amino acids - Protein quality
 - PDCAAS - Optimum protein intake  
Fats - Saturated/unsaturated - Hydrogenated oils - Cholesterol
Essential fatty acids  
Carbohydrates  Glycemic index and glycemic load  
Calcium   Chlorine   Cobalt    Chromium    Copper   Fluoride  
 Germanium   ▪ Iodine   Iron   Magnesium   Manganese 
Molybdenum    Nickel   Phosphorus   Potassium   Selenium 
Silicon    Sodium   Sulfur   Tin    Vanadium   Zinc

A   B1    B2   B3    B5   B6   B7    B9    B12   C    D    E   K
Accessory nutrients
  ▪ Water 

▪ What causes disease?   Diagnosis or Label?    Lab Tests
Environmental disease - 2


April  5G and COVID-19: just another conspiracy theory,

DVT revisited    Help your mitochondria slow down aging
The smell of cancer: will rats be saving human lives?
February  Coronavirus vaccine: planned accident?
Cannabis, the unwelcome healer: factsheet
Do alternative cancer treatments work?
New pharmacological treatments: targeting some causes
Is your child under toxic stress? Are you?
Kylee Dixon - between forced surgery and cannabis oil

Minimizing breast cancer risk

Beyond salt     Real life     Is sodium bad? 
 Salt studies    Dahl/Intersalt    Salt hypothesis
Salt war    Do bone drugs work?    Diabetes vs. drugs, 3:0
The MMR vaccine war: Wakefield vs ?
  Wakefield proceedings: an exception? 
Who's afraid of a littl' 1998 study? 
Antibiotic children   Physical activity benefits late-life health Healthier life for New Year's resolution 

Autism epidemic worsening: CDC report 
Rosuvastatin indication broadened, or: JUPITER statin study,
phase 2?
High-protein diet effects 
Folic acid cancer risk 
Folic acid studies: message in a bottle? 
Sweet, short life on a sugary diet
 Smoking health hazards: no dose-response 
C. difficile warning  Asthma risk and waist size in women
Is vitamin D deficiency hurting you?
Vitamin D status: murky waters
Antioxidants' melanoma risk: 4-fold or none?
August Unhealthy habits - whistling past the graveyard? 
New gut test for children and adults  Pill-crushing children
July Light wave therapy - how does it actually work?
Asthma solution - between two opposites that don't attract
Hodgkin's lymphoma in children: better alternatives
June Hodgkin's, kids, and the abuse of power
Efficacy and safety of the conventional treatment for Hodgkin's
Long-term mortality and morbidity after conventional treatments for pediatric Hodgkin's
May Late health effects of toxicity of the conventional treatments
for Hodgkin's

Daniel's true 5-year chances with the conventional treatment
Daniel Hauser's Hodgkin's case
April  Protection from EMF: you're on your own
EMF pollution battle: same old...
EMF health threat and the politics of status quo

March  Electromagnetic danger? No such thing, in our view...
EMF safety standards: are they safe? 
Power-frequency field exposure

February    Electricity and health
Electromagnetic spectrum: health connection
Is power pollution making you sick?

January  ⊲  Pneumococcal vaccine for adults useless?
DHA in brain development study - why not boys?  HRT shrinks brains

December   Don't you cry, baby - sleep...
Secondhand smoke, or a second-rate study? 
Bisphenol A: evidence of harm?
November ⊲  JUPITER statin study: another BP's snow job? 
Statins, CRP and cardiovascular inflammation  
FDA "dosing" melamine for infants
October ⊲  Keep the kids warm, or else... 
Ready to meet your DNA in person?   Nutrients on the official hold
September ⊲  Breastfeeding and vitamin D deficiency 
 MMR shots and autism   Who's the psycho?
August ⊲  Run for life   ▪ Diabetes-arsenic link 
 More irradiated foods from the FDA    Hot dogs and cancer
July  Bisphenol A health risk   Cholesterol kids 
Children cholesterol and big business 
▪ Is "good" cholesterol good for memory?
June ⊲  CAT scan cancer risk 
 Do artificial food colors cause hyperactivity? 
Vitamin D health significance growing
May ⊲  Medication use at the all-time high  Obesity and the brain 
 Mandatory vaccinations
April  Smoking genes  ▪ Drug companies, doctors vs. Congress 
Smog, health, and politics
March ⊲  Montelukast sodium side effects 
Drugs in your drinking water  ▪ Trasylol story
February ⊲  ACCORD: diabetes II study  ▪ Diabetes drugs, side effects   ▪ Hypertension and cholesterol drugs, side effects  
ACCORD diabetes II study: conclusion
January  Smoking meds: The Chantix story  ▪ Chantix safety 
▪ Chantix efficacy: studies and the real world 

December Breast cancer studies  Genes and breast cancer 
Migraine study
November Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)  ▪ Children medications: danger, danger...   Imprinted genes  ▪ Stem cells cure promise
October   Depression and work   Chemical body burden 
▪ Epigenetic therapy
September   Kids meds  Health and exercise  
Hyperactivity, attention deficit and food additives 
▪ Pneumococcal vaccine

August   Benefits of statins   ▪ Side effects of statins 
 Cholesterol effects  ▪ Alternatives to statin drugs
July   Is your exercise healthy?  ▪ Benefits of organic foods 
Exhaust smoke kills, doesn't it?  
Statins: benefits, dangers and alternatives
  Vaccines and autism  ▪ Vitamin D and cancer  
Why did little Becky die?  ▪ Causes of back pain
  More side effects from osteoporosis drugs?  
 Blood pressure numbers   ▪ Sudden cardiac death
  Asthma difficult to medicate   ▪ Ovarian cancer and HRT 
Death may come from your legs
  Poor eating habits of Americans don't change 
Alzheimer's on the rise   To aspirin or not to aspirin  
Beef chemicals and infertility  
Why new "good cholesterol" drugs don't work?  
▪ Longer term effect of sedatives  
FDA pulls Parkinson's drug from US market
  Are the health studies results misleading?    Evidence-based medicine
  Psychological stress and health 


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The Healthy House
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Tired or toxic?
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Beating Alzheimer's
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