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MARCH 2020

How to help your mitochondria slow down ageing

Some may find it odd, but at this point of our civilization, as we are thinking we might be grasping what the beginning of Time looked like, we're still not sure why do we age and die... MORE

The smell of cancer: will rats be saving human lives?

As far back as 1989, a pair of dermatologists reported in the "Lancet" about a women whose dog wouldn't stop sniffing at a mole on her leg, and once even tried to bite it off. She went on to get a medical checkup, which showed the mole was a malignant melanoma, already a couple of mm thick... MORE


Coronavirus vaccine: planned accident?

First it was just a lil epidemic in the faraway China in the December last year. Then it spread more. And more. And more. Before you knew it, it encircled the globe.

Early on into this quickly unfolding event, Jordan Sather, "YouTuber and conspiracy theorist", as labeled by BBC, gained much attention tweeting about 2015 patent filled by Pirbright Institute... »MORE

Cannabis, the unwelcome healer: factsheet

Cannabis sativa, or cannabis, is kind of a herbal Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide. Originating from eastern Asia, it's been long used as industrial plant, primarily for its tough fiber (1938 Popular Mechanics article states that 30,000 products can be made from it). Also, its seed is edible, moreover, with plenty of fiber....»MORE

Do alternative cancer treatments work?

Just the other day, I stumbled upon a recent article on the site of American Cancer Society (ACS), telling the "truth about alternative medical treatments" in treating cancer. The reason for it was a survey that came up with the "alarming" figure of 40% Americans believing that cancer can be cured with alternative treatments alone....»MORE



New pharmacological treatments: targeting some causes

Very few people were expecting ever to see pharmaco industry turning toward addressing the actual causes of degenerative diseases. The entire system, from pharmacological plants to practicing doctors, is based on suppression of symptoms by drugs and/or surgery. It is simply what makes more, or much more money....»MORE

Is your child under toxic stress? Are you?

We all relate "toxic" to the effect of substances harming our bodily functions in some way. How does stress do it? Well, it is also made of substance - stress hormones - which, if abundant, lasting too long, or becoming repetitive, can harm our bodies just as any conventional toxin....»MORE

Kylee Dixon - between (forced) surgery and cannabis oil

The story of Kaylee Dixon, a 13-year old from Oregon, resembles a movie. In march 2018 she was diagnosed with undifferentiated embryonic sarcoma, a rare form of liver cancer. For six months she went through devastating chemotherapy, making her mother Christina feel her daughter "was on the death row"...»MORE