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Health news:
June 2010 - Dec 2013

Minimizing breast cancer risk

May 2010

Time to move beyond salt ?

Salt hypothesis vs. reality

Is sodium bad?

April 2010

Salt studies: the latest score

From Dahl to INTERSALT

Salt hypothesis' story

March 2010

Salt war

Do bone drugs work?

Diabetes vs. drugs, 3:0?

February 2010

The MMR vaccine war: Wakefield vs. ?

Wakefield proceedings: an exception?

Who's afraid of a littl' 1998 study?

January 2010

Antibiotic children

Physical activity benefits late-life health

Healthier life for New Year's resolution


December 2009

Autism epidemic worsening: CDC report

Rosuvastatin indication broadened

High-protein diet effects


November 2009

Folic acid cancer risk

Folic acid studies: message in a bottle?

Sweet, short life on a sugary diet


October 2009

Smoking health hazards: no dose-response

C. difficile warning

Asthma risk and waist size in women


September 2009

Antioxidants' melanoma risk: 4-fold or none?

Murky waters of vitamin D status

Is vitamin D deficiency hurting you?


August 2009

Pill-crushing children

New gut test for children and adults

Unhealthy habits - whistling past the graveyard?


July 2009

Asthma solution - between two opposites that don't attract

Light wave therapy - how does it actually work?

Hodgkin's lymphoma in children: better alternatives


June 2009

Hodgkin's, kids, and the abuse of power

Efficacy and safety of the conventional treatment for Hodgkin's:
behind the hype

Long-term mortality and morbidity after conventional treatments for pediatric Hodgkin's


May 2009

Late health effects of the toxicity of the conventional treatment for Hodgkin's

Daniel's true 5-year chances with the conventional treatment for Hodgkin's

Daniel Hauser Hodgkin's case: child protection or medical oppression?

April 2009

Protection from EMF: you're on your own

EMF pollution battle: same old...

EMF health threat and the politics of status quo

March 2009

Electromagnetic danger? No such thing, in our view...

EMF safety standards: are they safe?

Power-frequency field exposure

February 2009

Electricity and health

Electromagnetic spectrum: health connection

Is power pollution making you sick?

January 2009

Pneumococcal vaccine for adults useless?

DHA in brain development study - why not boys?

HRT shrinks brains


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Recipe for health

Can we put in a few words all the wisdom of healthy living? Sort of a simple health recipe? That shouldn't be too hard. The recipe for health is quite simple:




u Replenish what your body needs for health, with diet that is optimized for you, with complementary dietary supplements and adequate rest. And, yes - it does mean what your body needs. Not more, not less. The word is balance. Balance between

4 nutritional intake and needs
4 caloric intake vs. expenditure
4 emotional needs and fulfillment
4 your active and rest time

Excesses over your needs - particularly in the intake of isolated, "favored" nutrients, or in caloric intake - are as bad as deficiency.

Your genetics, age, personality, lifestyle and health condition determine your needs: types and the intake level of nutrients, frequency and intensity of physical exercise, rest time, as well as the emotional and spiritual nourishment. Any significant long-term imbalance will compromise your health.

u Detoxification is a never ending battle these days: our environment is soaked with toxins, and so is each of us. Most of us don't know our specific exposures, and vulnerabilities, but the risk is real, and it is better to be safe than sorry.

Keep your body toxins as low as possible, by making sure your detox system is efficient, and by flashing them out with detox protocols. Minimize all sources of toxic contamination by filtering your air and water, as well as by avoiding food toxins as much as you can. Lastly, minimize your exposure to man-made energy fields.

u Rejoice. Don't forget the main purpose of all this: enjoy and appreciate every minute of that precious gift of life you've been given. Don't allow negative emotions - fear, anger, guilt, feeling of inadequacy - to rule your life. You are your worst enemy if you accept anything that diminishes you as a person. 

Dare to wish, and to believe in yourself. There is little to live for without it - don't think for a moment that your body doesn't know it.