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Eating for health

Optimum diet - Healthy foods - Nutritional balance -
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Eating for health

How you eat your food can have a big impact on your health. Most of us are aware of it, at least to some extent, but don't take it seriously nevertheless. After all, eating food is something that comes naturally. Or does it? As a reminder, here's what amounts to a pocket guide to healthy eating.

Even the healthiest diet can be unhealthy

if your eating habits are poor.

Poor eating habits include:

  overeating (much more likely with highly processed foods)

eating when not ready (agitated, distracted from food, etc.)

eating late, overnight or early in the morning

eating when not hungry

eating too fast (i.e. not chewing enough).

Your body can fully regenerate during night's sleep only if you go to bed with a near empty stomach. In the morning, have plenty of healthy fluids - preferably mineral-rich water - to flush out residues of the previous day's foods, in order to have your body rested, clean and ready for another work day.

Otherwise, you are making it harder for it, and the consequence is that it simply wears out faster. It starts with feeling less energetic, extends to being more vulnerable to a disease, and ends up with shortened life span.

Seems as too much of a price to pay for accepting to be enslaved by a petty impulse.

Listen to the longevity wisdom that says:

"Eat when the Sun is high", and

"Everything in moderation".

Remember that food digestion needs water; hence, chronic dehydration alone - not nearly as unlikely or infrequent as you may think - will likely compromise the quality of your diet, regardless of how good it is. A glass of water - preferably alkaline and warm - 10 to 15 minutes before the meal may noticeably improve digestion.

Eating slowly and enjoying your food is one of the essential pleasures of life. Don't let your life to become so hectic and upside-down to take that away from you.

Poorly chewed food is worth half the well-chewed food, or less; it makes your body work harder, for lesser reward; it is both, waste of money and precious nutrients. By compromising digestion, it promotes growth of bad intestinal bacteria and intestinal toxicity, inflammation, food sensitivities and allergies, and puts more of a burden on your immune and detox systems.

Take your meals nice and easy, at proper times, enjoy them, and your health will thank you for that.  



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