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BLOG: February 2020

Coronavirus vaccine: planned accident?

First it was just a lil epidemic in the faraway China in the December last year. Then it spread more. And more. And more. Before you knew it, it encircled the globe.

Early on into this quickly unfolding event, Jordan Sather, "YouTuber and conspiracy theorist", as labeled by BBC, attracted much attention tweeting about a 2015 patent filled by Pirbright Institute (Surrey, England) for a vaccine against corona virus, implicating the epidemic was part of a business plan.

Turned out, the patent in question was not intended for this particular virus, SARS-CoV-2 (virus that causes COVID-19 disease) - which is only the newest strain of a fairly large group of viruses under "coronavirus" label - but for the one infecting livestock (avian infectious bronchitis virus, or IBV coronavirus). Still, no one can tell whether or not it was just introductory exercise on animals as a starting point for the human vaccine development.

And the timing was nearly perfect.

 Now, three months into the epidemic, we are in the midst of contradicting statements from the officials and pharmaceutical industry.

We have no less than the president himself - who btw before his presidency was "vaccine skeptic" (guess it's inappropriate to say "antivaxer") - urging government agencies and pharmaceutical companies to speed up development of the vaccine.

A few more snapshots:

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, responds saying it is going to take at least year to year and a half.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issues an emergency use authorization.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services expands its partnership with Janssen Research & Development (Johnson & Johnson) to work on developing and manufacturing the vaccine. "Speed is crucial to saving lives", they say.

Others are jumping on the bandwagon to help this cause.

Innovio Pharmaceuticals Inc. announces it expects first human trials in April, with its shares 16% up following the news (btw the company had net loss $23.1 million as of November 2019, and $25 million year before). Their stock share went from about $2.5 for the last three months of 2019, to $5 in February 2020, and to $7.5 at the beginning of March this year.

And Moderna Inc. already, as of February 24, ships their rapidly developed vaccine to the government, to start testing on humans.

One could tell this vaccine was sorely missed by some. More so if what Jordan Sather just tweeted today (March 03.'20) is true: every dollar invested in vaccines in the 94 lowest-income countries

returns $44 net.

But, that's off course, all conspiracy theory. As usual. As everyone knows, it's only the politicians and pharmaceutical industry who respect the truth and facts, above all. The latest turn of events, with Chinese implications, based on the CDC's director Redfield report to the Senate, that the virus could have been brought to Wuhan by U.S. soldiers, leaves all options open.

As a final remark, don't forget that viruses and bacteria are dangerous primarily to the weak. Majority of those that died from this latest coronavirus strain were older males, generally over 60. It implies some kind of hormonal/genetic dependency, related to the immune function, although part of it could be that women simply are more in habit of maintaining personal hygiene.

Now we already have

the second, nastier strain,

and no one knows if more is coming. That would produce scenario similar to influenza vaccine, where by the time it's developed for those few (out of many) strains that were predominant at the time of assessment, it changes, so that vaccines have dubious efficacy at best.

As always, your best protection is sticking to healthy diet and lifestyle


P.S. As of early March 2020, CDC estimates that during this last flu season as many as 22 to 55 thousands people died from influenza (flu)

in the U.S. alone,

with up to 0.7 million hospitalized. As pretty much everyone knows, corona virus, so far, caused less than 6 thousands deaths

around the world.

Why is everyone talking about coronavirus, and no one about influenza (not to mention all other infectious diseases that make the figure much higher)? Because, unlike coronavirus, the flu is killing children too?

Putting the numbers into global perspective illustrates how disproportionate to its actual magnitude is reaction to COVID-19.



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